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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Chlorophyll (inside the box)

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Slow into the box canyon of progress we trot.

Government agency parthian, sometimes not.

Ways out known now seen mostly impractical

Polluting’s ends not strategic, just now tactical.

Slip sliding slowly into earth’s heat we sail.

Even chlorophyll against it cannot prevail.

Plants need more water and fail if in drought

Just look about you, please weigh in if any doubt.

There is only one “air.”

Carbon Carfootprint

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The barometer of global warming is the prevalence of carfoot.*
* new coinage our word see Urban Dictionary

Carfoot  a chronic out-turned right foot due to decades and thousands of miles driving with right foot operating gas and brake pedals.  Carfoot may cause leg, knee, hip and vertebral column problems due to bone and muscles changes over long  years of use.